By Madison Kincaid, Playroom Attendant

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Hello! My name is Madison and I have been the lead playroom attendant at SHIFT Work + Play since June 2023! Before beginning this role, I graduated from Lebanon Valley College with my Bachelor’s in Exercise Science. Noticing some under-utilized space in our Family Room and knowing many of our members are busy parents and professionals, owner/operator Megan Donovan approached me with an idea to create an area where members can efficiently and effectively incorporate a fitness routine into their day. I was ecstatic to be able to help and put my exercise background and knowledge to use! 

I began creating a 30-minute full-body workout routine to be followed daily if desired. Completing just a 30-minute workout can provide many benefits to the body, including increased energy levels, better sleep, and reduced stress. Although we all know exercising is beneficial, it can also be intimidating. I wanted to ensure this exercise poster was approachable through easy-to-follow workout directions split into two rounds, and visuals to help demonstrate each move. I also wanted to create a set-up that could be easily and affordably replicated at home.

While selecting these specific exercises, the goal was to target the upper and lower muscle groups. The upper body exercises include the bicep curl, overhead press, and plank. These workouts target the bicep, tricep, deltoid, and traps which help make up the arm and back muscles. The lower body exercises consist of squat/sumo squats, lunges, step-ups, and donkey kicks which work muscles like the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, and glutes. These muscles help make up your lower body. I also included abdominal targeted exercises like the high plank, Russian twists, and v-up. While you should always consult with your doctor regarding your personal circumstances, this 30-minute exercise routine was created with a range of people in mind, whether that be a busy parent or someone working a 9-5 who wants to squeeze in some movement.

With the poster complete, Megan and I got to work transforming the designated space into a straightforward and easy-to-use exercise corner. We opted for a set of 5, 10, and 15-pound weights, but you could substitute other weights according to your fitness level and goals (Tip: finding weights locally may save on shipping costs). A comfortable, easy-to-clean yoga mat and a variety of resistance bands were all we needed to complete the basic set-up! To add more variety, Megan also gathered some equipment she had on hand, including yoga blocks, a calf stretcher and a balance pod. We assembled a small equipment cart to keep everything neat and voilá: our vision came to life!

Something this easy can be created almost anywhere. Including printing and framing the poster, we spent less than $150 and what we created is a perfect example of what a simple at-home gym setup could be. However, one of the benefits of SHIFT membership is that a parent who may be too busy to take that time for themselves at home can enjoy a well-rounded workout while their child is safe and having fun in one of our staffed play sessions. As the playroom attendant, I can also say that our playroom guests love to move and learn about stretching, yoga, and other ways to exercise! 

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